Blase Family Farm 1232 East Fork DriveRockwall, TX 75087US

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Blase Family Farm

Rockwall, Tx, Pumpkin Patch & Pick-Your-Own Blueberry Farm


Pumpkin Patch Questions


Where are you located?

1232 E Fork

Rockwall, TX 75087


​What are your hours

We will be open September 26-November 1, 2020

​Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm

​Saturday: 10am-6pm

​Sunday: 12pm-6pm

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX

What is the cost?

​$8.00 per person, ages 1 and under are free.

​Monday-Friday the admission price includes the petting zoo, hayride, and a small pumpkin.

​Saturday and Sunday the admission includes the petting zoo, hayride, and a hot dog.

Do you sell pumpkins?

​Yes, they range from $4.00 - $20.00 each. We have Jack O' Lantern, Cinderella, White, Pie, and other specialty types depending on availability. We are sorry that we do not sell in bulk and are not able to deliver.  

Do you grow the pumpkins?

Our partners grow them near Lubbock. We tried to grow them ourselves and found that we are better blueberry farmers. :)

Are dogs allowed?

We love dogs, but some people are scared of them, so we're sorry, dogs other than service dogs, are not allowed.

Can we bring in food on the weekends?

No, we're sorry, please do not bring in food and drinks. We have a concession stand with drinks, chips, homemade fudge and popsicles, candy, and  hot dogs on the weekends.

Do you offer birthday parties?

Yes, during the weekdays, and our 1st two weekends,  but not on the additional weekends. Please email us at

Can we use a stroller or a wheelchair?

​Yes! We have hills, dirt, and rocks, but strollers and wheelchairs have been used successfully. We recommend ones that can handle dirt, rocks, and hills.

Is it muddy after it rains?

Fortunately, we have good drainage here and lots of rock, so there is not a lot of mud after it rains. We do recommend closed toe shoes rain or shine.  

​Do you have restrooms?

We do not, we have porta-potties and hand washing stations.

Blueberry Season Questions


When is blueberry season?

We usually open the end of May through the beginning of July (typically 6 weeks). But each year is different depending on the winter and spring weather. We had a year that we lost 80% of our berries due to a late freeze and we had a year that didn't end until August 1st. The life of a farmer :)

Where are you located, phone, and email?

1232 E Fork, Rockwall, TX


Why did you pick blueberries for your farm?

Our family loves blueberries and how healthy they are, so Chris, who grew up on a farm in South Dakota, decided to give it a try after much research.

​Can we bring a stroller or a wagon?

Yes! Umbrella strollers are a little harder to get around with, but the other strollers do well.

​Is this a good activity for our young children and grandparents?

Yes! We have families with babies to grandparents come to pick blueberries! The ground is not paved and can be hilly.

Do you have baskets we can use?

Yes, we have baskets and pails or you are welcome to bring your own.

​Do you allow dogs?

We love dogs, but some people are scared of them, so we are sorry, dogs that are not service dogs, are not allowed.

Why are your hours not consistent and posted week to week?

We are a small but growing farm. We are learning more every year. We watch the berries to determine what days and times to offer.  We hope to be more consistent in the future.

​Is it muddy after it rains?

We do have some muddy spots, but fortunately we have good drainage, so it isn't bad. We always recommend closed toe shoes that can get dirty, rain or shine. People seem to love to come on rainy days, as it is cooler.  In the event of lightning, we will close until it is gone.

What varieties of blueberry bushes do you grow?

We grow Tiff Blue, Premier, Climax, and Brightwell.

​When did you first open for Pick-Your-Own blueberries?

2011​ with 480 bushes. We now have 1300 bushes.

Do you use pesticides on your bushes?

No, we have never used pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.

Are there chiggers?

Yes, we recommend using bug spray. Chiggers like blueberry bushes. Personally, we use the kind with Deet and spray it only on our shoes and socks.

Are the bushes in the sun?

Yes, full sun, we recommend bringing cold water and any cooling products you might have.

​Where are the bushes located?

The bushes are a short walk from the entrance. It's a pretty walk on a shaded wooded path. If you have been to the farm before for our Pumpkin Patch, it is around the corner from where the hayride starts.

​Do you have the petting zoo during blueberry season?

No, we do not. The animals are here for our Pumpkin Patch.

​Is there an entrance fee?

No, you just pay for the blueberries that you pick. 
The price is $4.50 per pint that you pick.

Do you have concessions?

We sell bottled water for $1.00 and our blueberry popsicles that we make with fresh blueberries, $3.00. You are welcome to bring a picnic during blueberry season. We have plenty of picnic tables among the trees.

Do blueberries ripen after they have been picked?

Yes! If they are blue or have red and pink, they will ripen at room temperature.

​Are there restrooms?

We have porta-potties and hand washing stations.

We are thankful to for listing us. 

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